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Take out a one-year subscription to Micropub Magazine and get an early-bird discount of 50% off a year’s subscription to Microbrew Digital Directory!

Microbrew Digital Directory is the annual online directory from NTS Publishing referencing all the UK micro, nano and pico breweries, providing detailed information relating to contacts, beer production, brewhouse information, core beer listings and tasting notes.

It is the only online publication dedicated solely to the microbrewing sector. There are additional sections covering suppliers, large breweries, associations and education/training courses, as well as editorial features and industry statistics. Normally £30, this great saving will provide any beer aficionado with an essential resource of this growing sector.

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Microbrew Digital Directory 2020/21 can be pre-ordered along with a one-year subscription to Micropub Magazine for a total of £27.99. The directory will be available online from July. Log in details will be emailed to subscribers prior to launch.
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