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June 4, 2021

Support for plan to open micropub in former Worcester store

Residents have come out in support of a plan to open a micropub in a former convenience store in St Peter's (pictured above).

Plans have been put forward to open the micropub in Abbotsbury Court off St Peter’s Drive in Worcester.

Several messages of support have been submitted to Worcester City Council from residents in St Peter's saying the micropub would be a welcome addition.

A message of support from a resident in Woodbridge Close said: "I think this is a great idea, and hope it isn't shut down by local councillors before a good case can be made for the benefits of a micropub to the area.

"I believe the argument that the proposed business would attract clientele who would indulge in "behaviour inappropriate with regard to the activities in the village hall" is completely unfounded.

"A business such as this would be a local equivalent to the likes of Hop Lord's or Tripel B in the city centre; places which attract the discerning, well-behaved, drinker.

"If anything, it would be more likely to lead to a decrease in antisocial behaviour in the area as youths would be less likely to loiter around and cause trouble if there was a business open until 11pm."

The proposals, put forward by the McDiarmid family who run two Ale Hub micropubs in Solihull, would see the former One Stop store converted into a 40-cover micropub specialising cask ales, craft beers and a variety of gins.

The family already runs two micropubs in Shirley, which has opened in the last few weeks, and Dickens Heath in Solihull, which opened in September last year but was then forced to close due to the national lockdown.

The proposed opening hours are midday to 11pm every day and four jobs would be created.

St Peter's parish councillor Roger Knight, who also chairs the St Peter's Village Hall Association, said a micropub was an "attractive idea" but Abbotsbury Court was an inappropriate place to open.

One resident in Leven Drive said: "Absolutely a great idea for a thriving part of Worcester with a fantastic community spirit. Great idea, please pass through."

Another supporter in Rutland Place said: "St Peters currently doesn't benefit from a service of this nature, so we think it would be a welcome addition. Whilst there is a Harvester, this is at the 'other end' of St Peters and therefore quite a long walk.

"Given the significant separation distance from any existing dwelling, this would not result in any adverse impact on the residential amenity of anyone nearby. Since the site is within an established local centre, this would be an appropriate location."

"Absolutely a great idea for a thriving part of Worcester with a fantastic community spirit"
Local resident, St Peters, Worcester
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