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July 27, 2020

A new micropub nestled in the charming Surrey village of Chobham

Husband and wife team Rob and Andrea Belcher have opened their very own micro pub in Chobham.

The couple from West End, a village midway between Camberley and Woking in Surrey, were meant to launch their new venture in March, but due to lockdown had to delay its opening until July.

With just four tables and a maximum capacity of 30 people, The Horse and Groom has all the charm of a traditional village pub, but it is a lot smaller.

Visitors cannot make a booking, but simply turn up on a first-come, first-serve basis.

A quirky old-fashioned signal sits at the top of the front door which flashes green or red depending on how full the pub is.

Customers will find a range of local ales, lagers, and ciders available, many of which are sourced from breweries in Surrey, Hampshire, and Berkshire.

Unlike the village's gastro pubs also sitting along the High Street - The White Hart and The Sun Inn - this micropub concentrates on beverages rather than food.

Mr Belcher said: "We are like an old-fashioned pub, so we don't serve food. We do sell snacks such as crisps, pickled eggs, and peanuts.

"We are all about coming in and chatting with each other in a nice environment. The pub has been well received and just one week in we have had people in every day."

"We are all about coming in and chatting with each other in a nice environment"
Rob Belcher, owner, The Horse and Groom
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