South West

Hiding Place

15 High Street
SN12 6JY

Tel: 01225 899022
Email: karen@stealthbrew.co
Web: www.stealthbrew.co

Micropub and wine, beer and spirits shop that opened March 2019. Associated with Stealth Brewery (also in Melksham), the pub has four real ales and a selection of keg craft beers, as well as locally produced spirits. Three ciders are served, on gravity, through holes in the wall at the rear of the bar.

Little Hop

7 Devizes Road

Tel: 01793 976833
Email: info@littlehop.co.uk
Web: www.littlehop.co.uk

Opened as The Little Hop in August 2019 in partnership with Arbor Ales. The pub was the site of The Hop Inn from 2012-2019. The small, brightly coloured, modern pub has five hand pumps, three of which showcase the latest creations from Arbor. In the corner of the pub there is a well-stocked bottle fridge featuring beers mainly from the Bristol area.

Prince of Wales

8 Station Hill
SN15 1EG

Email: hello@princeofwalesmicropub.com
Web: www.princeofwalesmicropub.com

Chippenham's first micropub opened October 2018, converted from a florist's shop. Extremely popular with four changing real ales, mainly from small local independent breweries, as well as a selection of craft (keg) beers and cider. Limited range of snacks.

Shed Alehouse

20 North Street

Tel: 07769 812643
Email: shedalehouse@gmail.com
Web: www.theshedalehouse.com

Opened its doors in July 2015. There are five hand pumps serving a changing range of beers from local and regional brewers. There are also two to four real ciders and a craft pilsner. There is not much space inside, twenty people will fill the place out!!

Vaults Alehouse

28A St John's Street
SN10 1BN

Tel: 01380 721443
Email: thevaultsdevizes@outlook.com
Web: www.thevaultsdevizes.com

Opened in October 2013. The micropub has five real ale pumps, one cider pump, plus, following a recent upgrade to the keg selection, ten keg lines offering at least one local lager, one local cider, plus some amazing beer from around the world including from their own brewery, Stealthbrew Co.
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