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Just as we thought things were heading in the right direction for micropubs re-opening.

New waves of Covid-19 in parts of Northern England, a projected ‘second wave’ of the virus (although no solid proof of this has been put forward as I write) and the horrible thought of pub closures again in a proposed ‘trade-off’ to accommodate schools re-opening.

The last of these points does not bear thinking about if it is put into place. The work that many owners have put into opening their micropubs and allowing for social distancing and hygiene practices, could prove the final nail in the coffin.

For now though, micropubs are open – not all of course – but a good number have welcomed back clients up and down the country.

Unfortunately, Micropub Magazine is not able to be published yet. Relying on advertising in the publication to make it viable, we have not been able to confirm enough bookings from suppliers, who at present either do not wish to advertise or whose own finances are currently taking precedence. We were hopeful of producing an August edition, but this has had to be cancelled.

I am so sorry to all our subscribers and owners of micropubs that we cannot produce our magazine for you at the moment. We will of course be monitoring the situation very closely over the next couple of months.

We will start to put features onto our website very soon. News items are regularly being uploaded and we will be increasing our postings on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

Thank you all for your patience in these troubling times. Please bear with us and hopefully soon we will be able to produce our magazine for you once again. Stay safe.

Nigel Smith
Owner, Micropub Magazine
3rd August 2020

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