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So, the countdown is now on! April 12th for those that can serve alcohol outdoors. May 17th to serve drinks indoors, and June 21st out of lockdown completely! All of course allowing for no more ‘variants’ of Covid and for vaccinations continuing apace.

And how are micropubs up and down the country looking at these scenarios? Well, those with beer gardens, small patio areas and available street frontage aim to get chairs, tables, canopies and even gazebos constructed in order to open in April. Still a cost, but worth it to get punters back in and returning to some sort of normality? Takeaway services still continue for many though and have proved a business-saver in many cases.

But the wait will go on for another month for those that cannot accommodate outside seating. Considering shops, gyms, and indoor leisure facilities are re-opening on April 12th, and everything that goes with that re social distancing, why can’t pubs be allowed to do the same? A very odd stance by the government and with no proper scientific proof/figures to back it up against pubs to prove they are still a Covid risk. Hopefully, this will change with significant input from those within the hospitality industry.

And with luck and no more Covid interventions, Micropub Magazine is looking to re-start with a June edition. It has been a frustrating time since our launch edition (seems a lifetime ago) but we are looking to dust down the computers and phones and get reporting again on news and features covering all things micropub. Letters will be sent out to subscribers explaining what is happening and incorporating new sub expiry date details.

So, let’s hope this is the turning point and we can get out and enjoy our local micropubs again. My taste buds definitely need to revisit the experience!!

Nigel Smith
Owner, Micropub Magazine
15th March 2021

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